Circuit Breakers and Fuses 102

Faulty Breakers
It’s possible for a breaker to appear okay in its outward appearance and capacity to carry continuity, but still be questionable, faulty or intermittent. The opposite could be true, as well. A breaker with a poor outward appearance may be perfectly safe and structurally sound, so a decision to replace a breaker should not be based solely on appearance, continuity, age and so forth. We can recommend the proper solution, taking into account all the factors involved.

Resetting Circuit Breakers
A circuit breaker can be tripped even when it is in the “ON” position. This is because a circuit breaker can trip off internally, without the “ON/OFF” handle flipping into the “OFF” position.

When you have a loss of power due to a Circuit Breaker:

  1. Shut down all computer equipment
  2. Firmly flip the first breaker OFF and then back ON again
  3. Go through step 2 with each circuit breaker until you have flipped all of the circuit breakers OFF and then back ON again
  4. Next, check to see if power is on again
  5. If your power is back on again, great! You should be all set. If not, it may be time to check with an electrician to see if there is a more complex problem.