Children and Electrical Safety at Home

Everyone knows how important it is to child-proof your home when a new baby comes. We’ve all bought the outlet covers in bulk and then spent time later, carefully prying them off when an outlet actually needs to be used. However, today we touch on some other spots around the home that tend to be forgotten.

  • Talk your kids about keeping drinks and liquids away from electrical equipment. If those types of items spill, dangerous shocks and injury can occur.
  • Only use electronics the proper way. For example, educate your child that electronics do not go in the water or to only put bread into the toaster.
  • Teach your child not to overload an outlet, if they are old enough to plug items into an outlet.
  • Insure that your child’s room is properly outfitted with a surge protector for computer equipment, TV etc.
  • When playing outside, teach your child the danger of downed power lines or lines hanging low to trees and playground equipment.
  • Never fly kites around power lines.
  • Teach children how to put out an electrical fire, grease fire etc. and the difference between each kind.

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