Dimmer Switch Features

Dimmer switches control lighting level, and yes, they can even save energy. They work by limiting voltage volume going through to a lighting load. Dimmers work well with incandescent bulbs because of their wide dimming range.

For other types of bulbs including CFLs, halogen, and LEDs, check to if they are “dimmable” according to the bulb package. Dimmable CFLs are usually more expensive and have a limited dimming range, concentrated to the dim end.

Saving Energy
Modern dimmers do save energy when dimming lights. Dimming lights also extends the life of incandescent light bulbs.

Warm Dimmer
It’s normal for a dimmer to feel warm, especially if the lighting load is close to the dimmer rating. A higher wattage dimmer may need to be installed if the following apply:

  • lighting load is higher than the dimmer rating
  • The dimmer feels too hot

Think you’d like a dimmer switch in your home? Chances are, with some a little YouTube how to, you could install one yourself. Just be sure to take all safety precautions. If not, give us a call!