Hiring a Knowledgeable Electrician

If you are looking to hire an electrician for a project, mostly likely you yourself are not knowledgable about electrical work. Duh, right? However, it’s important to know who you are hiring to ensure that they are knowledgable. First things first, never hire someone who gives you a quote over the phone, email etc. If they don’t care enough to show up and take a closer look at the project and it’s specific nuances, chances are high they will hit you with higher pricing at the end of the project. No home owner or business wants that!

When they come in, they need to look at the “guts” of the project. They need to check internal wiring, to ensure it’s up-to-date and code. They also need to look at your current electrical panel and capacity. If they don’t check these things out and ask questions about your project, they probably aren’t a good fit and once again chances are high, hidden costs could arise that would been recognized in an initial, thorough estimate.

Finally, never be afraid to ask for references. If they are a skilled tradesman/woman they will have experience and a good reputation within the industry and community. Reputation can be vouched for through references. Seek out commercial references for commercial projects and residential references for residential projects. You want an electrician who has seen it all as it relates to your needs and specific project.

Good luck out there and ask usual, contact us if you have questions or need an estimate for your next electrical project!