Holiday Light Safety

Yes, it’s that time of the year for holiday decorating and festivities! Whether you are dreading it or looking forward to getting your holiday spirit underway, there are some important safety tips to remember when it comes to stringing your lights.

Inspect your lighting. Whether it’s new or old, it’s important to check for faulty bulbs and/or brittle and cracked strings. If you’re strings are cracked, it’s best to count your losses and dispose of the strand. It’s not worth trying to repair the lights. Bulbs out? Most strands come with some spare replacement bulbs for this issue. If not, you can usually pick up some spare bulbs where Christmas lights are sold.

Follow light instructions. Seems obvious, right? Perhaps, but if your lights say indoor use only, use them only indoors. Indoor lights aren’t meant to withstand varying weather conditions the outdoors present. If they say out door only, the same rings true. Outdoor lights run warmer than indoor lights and they are only safe to use outdoors.

Remove lights within 90 days. This isn’t just for your neighbors sake. Holiday lights aren’t meant to be used year around. Additional wear and tear and will occur as time goes on and if not removed and stored properly, can pose a risk for shorts and damage to property.

Replace older lights. You may be proud that your strand of lights is going on ten years, but though your strand may seem viable, the integrity of light strands does break down over time. Consider replacing your lights with more eco-friendly LED lights this year. They’ll save on your energy bill and you can rest assured they meet the latest electrical standards for your home.

Be safe this season and have fun!