2018 Smart Home Innovations

In case it wasn’t high on your priority list to catch the latest on the 2018 CES Expo, we’ve got your summary here for the top home trends in tech! They’re listed here in no particular order:

Health Tracking – If you aren’t already using an app or your smart phone to track health related data like steps, heart rate, calories and more, this might be the year to jump on board. You have the ability to sync this data with your smart home devices, like your refrigerator and more for better eating and smart shopping.

Wireless Kitchens – What does this mean exactly? You can say good bye to stationary appliances and cooking units and say hello to multi-station cook tops on demand, movable and rechargeable appliances and more. Sound futuristic? It is and some of these smart, wireless appliances are already on the market.

Next Level Remotes – Many of us are already using this smarter tech, such as syncing your garage door opener to your phone or a button in your car for added convenience. Smart home innovators continue to take this tech up a notch with the use of phone or automated devices, like Alexa, Google and more. Need a one time entry code for your UPS delivery? Not a problem! Want to start your gas fireplace five minutes from home or forgot to turn it off? Open your app, select the option and it’s all done – complete with peace of mind!

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