Pendant Lighting Tips

With the growing popularity of open concept homes and oversized kitchen islands, pendant lighting has become a great option for lighting and a good way to bring some additional wow into your home. In this month’s blog, we talk about pendant lighting tips and things to consider when picking out and deciding in favor of this lighting option for your home.

Hanging Your Pendants: Pendant lights should be placed 28 to 34 inches above a countertop, or around 72 inches above the floor. Different locations, will have different standards, including the consideration of the location and possible the height of the tallest individual in your home.

Selecting Your Pendants: There are a few things to consider when selecting your pendants, including lighting needs, space and design. How much lighting are you trying to achieve in your space? You may need to select more than one pendant to achieve your desired brightness, coverage and design balance. When you’re deciding on a pendant, consider the many shapes, sizes and bulb options. If it’s an oversized pendant you may only require two, to achieve the results of three mid-size pendants. Also, consider your space. With all the pendant options out there, your choices are endless, however you can most likely narrow them down considerably when thinking about the design and decor of your home and of course your space and lighting goals. Pick pendants that will create a cohesive look. Even if your pendants are statement pieces, they should still create flow in your space from other areas of your home. 

Spacing Your Pendants: A lot will depend on the area you’re working with, but everyone agrees that spacing should be consistent and usually around 30 inches apart.

Have fun picking out your lighting. Lighting is an important part of design and decor in your home and can set the mood and tone of any space. Need help with installation and recommendations for the best fit or updates in wiring? Gives us all call!