Smart Homes

Are you looking to update your home in 2018 or at least make some gradual upgrades? We’ve got some great options for any budget, in this month’s blog.

Smart Plugs – We’ve all had that sinking feeling that we’ve left something on, while driving to work. Maybe it’s the flat iron or just the TV, in any case, if you have the appliance plugged into a smart plug, you can turn it off using an app on your phone. Pretty brilliant, right? Check out the app and how it works at iDevices.

Smart Appliances – At the grocery store and forgot what you have left in your fridge? No problem. Your refrigerator will take a picture for you, so you can see! It will also tell you when your produce is starting to head South for the winter. Learn more about the Samsung Family Hub Fridge here… Would you like more control over your other appliances? You have options for pretty much any appliance you can think of when you use some of the latest models that tap into your Wifi connection and allow you to control them from an app. Turn on your coffee from the comfort of your bed in the morning to help get your day brewing!

Entry and Security – Ready to take the next step in security with keyless entry and cameras for your home? There are lots of great options out there now. Many of them are implemented into your existing, Smart Home management system, like the Echo. One time, package delivery options, app lock assurance and security camera visitor notification are just a few of the functions available with these systems.

Lighting – If you aren’t already using LED, Smart lighting, now is a great time to get started. Improved functionality, affordability and accessibility are all benefits with time and improvements in these lighting advancements. Bulbs may seem expensive out-of-the-gate, but functionality and life of these bulbs runs circles around traditional lighting. For a more comprehensive bulb review, visit PC Mag’s 2018 Review.

Upgrade your home at your comfort and budget level. Once you get going, you’ll start to reap the benefits on your energy bill and convenience and won’t remember what you did before these options came into play!