Current Electrical Code Standards in Lincoln

So, you’re ready to jump right into your electrical project at home or maybe in your office and you think you have enough knowledge to apply and wing it a little? Not so fast. Codes and regulations can change regularly. Have you stopped to check the latest requirements for your project and if you’ll need to get it inspected?

It’s always important to do projects the right way, especially when it comes to electrical jobs. It’s especially important, though if you are going to be selling your home soon or will be required to have an inspection. Nothing is worse than someone getting injured, causing a fire or having to even rip out your old work and replace it will new in order to meet inspection and code requirements. You have options.

  1. You can hire someone to do it right the first time and pass inspection and safety with flying colors, also saving yourself time and hassle.
  2. You can do your due diligence in advance and ensure not only that it’s done properly, but that you also have the skill level required for the project to be done correctly. If you find that you do not, no harm, no foul.
  3. Option three? Plough forward, to the best of your ability and hope that everything goes smoothly and is done properly and that your project won’t be subject to notice and inspection at present or near future. Even, if you don’t have any plans to sell your home, if and when you do, an inspection can reveal a sloppy and unsafe electrical job, which will most likely come back to bite in a counter offer, post inspection results.

The choice seems obvious, but it’s still yours. For more information and to see the latest requirements, visit the Building and Safety page. Have a project you’d like done the correct way, the first time? Give us a call!