Rewiring Your Home?

So, you’re thinking about rewiring your home or maybe a professional has told you that you need to? Here are some things to consider for a project of this scale.

1.) If you aren’t a professional, hire one. This isn’t a DIY task, unfortunately, and it needs to be done correctly the first time around.

2.) Check local codes and pull the needed permits. Inspections will be required for a project like this.

3.) Plan for home runs to certain outlets and appliances. This will help with the electrical load on larger appliances.

4.) Have a detailed plan of action in place, or double check and make sure your professional does. This will save you time, money and resources on the project.

5.) If you are planning your rewire around a remodel, demolition, addition etc., plan for the appropriate time and scheduling of the electrical work as you progress through your project. Nothing is worse than tearing into drywall or realizing wiring should have been run in a location after the fact.

6.) In over your head? It’s still not too late to call in a professional. Sooner, rather than later is always advisable!