Space Heater Safety

Brrrr, it’s cold outside! Many of us have a workspace or location that needs a little extra heat to take care of a persistent draft inside. No problem! That’s what space heaters are perfect for. Space heaters are a great solution, convenient and easy to use to get some extra warmth in a chilly space. They can also be a hazard, though if not used properly. Here is are a few things to consider when using yours.

Hand-me-down and outdated heaters may not be the best choice. If your heater is unproven and more than 15 years old, it may be time to retire it and purchase a newer model. Safety codes and requirements, including product updates and materials change over time and using an older product can be risky.

Is your space heater an antique?

Regardless of quality, never leave your space heater unattended when it’s running. The risk factor speaks for itself and is the same concept as the danger of an unattended open flame from a candle, fireplace etc. Turn it off and unplug when you are not around or using it.

Find the right location for your space heater. In the middle of the room is not a good option as it can be a trip hazard from the unit itself and the cord. Close to a water source is also a bad idea. Think about your inhabitants, as well. Do you have crawling babies or small children or pets that may be endangered of burning from your heater or even the unit tipping over?

Bottom line, space heaters can be a great solution for extra warmth. Just be cognizant and plan ahead for their use and then sit back and enjoy the coziness!