Summer Efficiency

Summer is here with longer and warmer days, kids splashing in the pool and the air our conditioner on full blast, all day. We all love the joys that come with summer but dread the electric bill. How about we have, stay cool and reduce our electric bill? Below we have some easy tips to follow to help you save big money over the hot months.

1.       Turn your ceiling fan on.

This may sound like a common sense tip, but did you know that a ceiling fan can cool a room down by approximately 4 degrees? Utilizing ceiling fans can allow the thermostat to be turned down reducing energy consumption. Set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise to push the cool air down and circulate around the room.

2.       Use blinds and drapes to block sunlight.

The Department of Energy states that window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 33 percent. To find the best results choose curtains and drapes that are medium-colored and have a white plastic backing.

3.       Clean your air conditioning unit.

Having a clean unit allows it to run more efficiently reducing energy consumption. You wouldn’t run a marathon in summer, wearing a fleece jacket, right? Same goes for your AC unit. The most important piece of a/c maintenance is regular cleaning and replacing filters. Having a clogged or dirty filter blocks air flow making it inefficient.

4.       Use a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is a great tool for any homeowner. This type of thermostat allows you to program your home to be cooler or warmer, such as when they leave for work and you aren’t present, turn your AC up to save money and be more energy efficient. Nest is a great model to consider and review say it can lower your electricity bill by as much as 20 percent!