The portable generator market is flooded with many different options for consumers, depending on their needs. For tailgating, it’s best to focus our attention on inverter generators. The inverter generator produces similar wattage output compared to traditional portable generators but offers a considerable reduction in the noise-level produced. This reduction in noise will make it easier to talk amongst your friends – even when powering all of your electrical devices. Portability is another key feature that buyers should be looking for in generators. Having a generator but not being able to move it, makes it pretty obsolete. Finally, how fuel-efficient is the generator? Will it run out of power if the game goes longer than expected?  

The Husker season is rapidly approaching! Are you ready? That’s right – we are just a few, short weeks away from college football season. Football season means it’s time to pack up the car and go tailgating on gameday! Are you ready to become a master tailgater and throw the best pregame party? Our list will cover some basic information about generators so that your next tailgate is the BEST.

For the more traditional tailgater, whose focus is on the game and the ability to charge a few phones at a lower wattage, we recommend using a generator that has an average output between 1400 to 2200 watts. The Yamaha EF200is is a great entry-level inverter generator that produces 2000 watts. For more advanced tailgaters who want more electrical devices such as electric grills, fans and even mini-fridges, we recommend using a generator that has an average output between 3000 to 5000 watts. The Champion Power Equipment 100263 offers 3400 watts to power all of these electrical devices. 

Ask yourself, what type of tailgate am I trying to throw? Think about what the most important aspect of your tailgate is to you and your guests buy the right generator for you, like portability, fuel efficiency, and the number of decibels the generator produces. Now that you know a little more about portable generators go out and explore and throw the best tailgate you can!