Edison Light Bulbs

Edison light bulbs have made a comeback. This style of light bulb can add a vintage or industrial, modern look to your home by replacing traditional and LED light bulbs with Edison bulbs. It is important to remember that they’re not right for every fixture or room. If you love the look of this incandescent bulb and want a showpiece that demands to be seen, then the Edison bulb may be just right for you. Here are some pros and cons when choosing this light bulb. 



They are a showpiece

Edison replica light bulbs capture the warmth and ambiance of the 1900s. These bulbs work great with light fixtures that have exposed bulbs. These types of fixtures allow the decorative shape of the glass bulb and the internal filaments to accent the light fixture. 

They Produce A Warmer Color Temperature

The color temperature emanated from an Edison bulb exceeds the warmth of an incandescent bulb, making your living space even cozier. 

They could be better for your health

Some reports suggest that blue light that’s more prevalent in LED and cool light wavelengths is disrupting our sleep patterns. So using warm Edison bulbs could lead to a night of more restful sleep.

They’re Surprisingly Affordable

One of the most significant benefits to Edison bulbs is they are relatively cheap. They are typically priced between $3-$11 per bulb, while LED bulbs are usually priced higher. You can even buy in bulk and online to get a better price.



They Are Fragile

Due to the Edison bulb’s ornate filaments, Edison bulbs are fragile and prone to damage if knocked over or dropped. This style of lighting may not be suitable for homes with children and pets.  

They Are Not Energy Efficient

The other major issue with Edison bulbs is they are not as energy-efficient as their modern alternatives. A compromise for homeowners?  LED Edison bulbs. LED Edison bulbs are more durable and efficient than their incandescent cousins. They still produce less light than regular LED bulbs, but the filaments produce a warm color temperature for a pleasant and energy-efficient glow in your home.