Two-Pronged Outlets

Purchasing a home and notice that all of the outlets are only two-pronged? You may have heard from friends and family that it’s not a big deal; that companies make adapters for these situations, commonly referred to as “cheater plugs”. The advantage of cheater plugs is that they allow you to use electrical devices in areas where you usually would not be able to. Three-prong adapters are available at just about any store you visit and don’t require anything to be re-wired for you to use them. While these products do work, the safety of your family, home, and belongings is something to consider before choosing the cheater plug solution.


Unfortunately, cheater plugs are not designed to be a safe long-term solution to powering three-pronged electrical devices. The third prong on newer technology is to protect them and their owners from electrical malfunctions, fires and electrical surges. If an electrical issue occurs in the electrical device, the electricity can cause electrocution and fires. Please do not assume that because the products are sold in stores that they are safe to use in your home. If your household only has two-prong outlets, the best and most reliable approach is replacing your wall outlets. Updating your wall outlets from two prong to three prong is a reasonably priced update and may only require a grounding wire to be added into your home. Grounding wires will divert electrical currents to the ground either through a grounding rod or a copper pipe in the case of an electrical issue. Now is the time to protect your home and your electrical devices by upgrading your electrical plugs.