Electrical Outlet Warning Signs

Electrical outlets are fastened inside of outlet boxes, which are attached to a wall stud. Over time your outlet box may become loose from the stud. One easy way to tell is if you pull a cord out of an outlet, and it feels like the whole outlet is going to come with it. Fixing a loose electrical outlet box isn’t just a matter of tightening the screws of the outlet box. There could also be underlying issues happening, such as frayed wires that can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. Here are some early warning signs of loose outlet boxes:

  1. The faceplate has become cracked – When an outlet box becomes loose, it could be because the box has been pulled against the faceplate enough times that it causes it to crack. Cracked faceplates could expose live electrical wires.
  2. Inconsistent device charging – If an outlet’s electrical box is loose, it could cause inconsistent connections for your electrical devices, and therefore unreliable charging of your devices.
  3. The outlet box causes electrical shocks – One of the most significant hazards of a loose electrical box is electric shock. If you experience an electrical shock when plugging in or unplugging a cord, it is crucial to get it fixed as soon as possible!

When dealing with electrical issues in the home, it is always best to call in a licensed professional to take care of the problem. This is not only to ensure the job is done correctly but also for your own safety.